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"We have an excellent network of trails, more than 10 km long, ranging from an easy adventure to a real adventure. We have 4 waterfalls on the 700-hectare property, all deep in the forest and truly beautiful".

Guided Hikes &

Excursions in our Reserve

1.- Bellavista has a web of about 20 trails.

2.- None of the trails are totally flat, however there are a few very easy trails to hike.

3.- Moderate hikes demand little effort for climbing short slopes and going down natural steps.

4.- Difficult trails demand extensive physical efforts (for knees / legs / feet) although for short periods of time. 

5.- For all hikes throughout the year, Bellavista provides the option of rubber boots, at no extra cost.  All sizes available up to 47 (14 US). Usually not necessary though! 

6.- Our guides will always provide a thorough briefing before each hike. 
If you feel you don’t belong to this group of hikers, you are welcome to ask your guide for a softer or harder hike.

7.- You are welcome to hike our trails on your own too. Basic maps are provided at the lodge.

8.- Each guide will usually take a maximum of 8 hikers on each group. 

9.- We have three hikes each day (06h15 – 09h30 – 15h00). Normally these hikes are shared with more people.

10.- All guided hikes are offered in English or Spanish. Other languages on request (extra cost)