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Bellavista Cloud Forest is a dream come true, both for us team members, and for bird and nature lovers in their abundance.

Those whose imagination is stimulated by this strange concept of  "Cloud Forest". 

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Gloria and Richard are its founders, an enterprising and nature-loving couple, Gloria from Colombia and Richard
from UK. They took the risk to start this reserve in 1991, at first with just 57 hectares, and today protecting, directly
and indirectly, 700 hectares of healthy cloud forest.


Now together with a great team with a strong conservationist vision, Bellavista has become a renowned full-service eco-lodge, and protected area, that reflect our passion for this special forest and our sincere desire to provide a comfortable visitor experience for everybody. 


In this lofty paradise you can lie down in your room and watch the sunrise over Bellavista or watch the mist rise from deep within the Tandayapa Valley.

Our Lodge offers all the comforts of home: hot showers, comfortable beds, friendly staff, lots of relaxation and delicious food.


Additionally our restaurant offers the best of Ecuadorian and international cuisine (vegetarian, trout, chicken - red meat) and snacks. Full board and/or individual meals are provided.


Our Mission

Create a space for active conservation of the cloud forest, providing educational  recreation and a place of contemplation of nature for visitors of all ages from all over the world.  

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