Bellavista Lodge & Reserve – The first Private reserve to become par of the SNAP 

Since June 26, 2019, 347 hectares of Bellavista Reserve were registered as a part of Ecuador´s SNAP (National System of Protected Areas), as the first private reserve in the “subsystem of private protected areas” to be protected in this way.  This recognition is the culmination of a long process of necessary legal procedures, with strong support from the Ministry of the Environment itself. But more than anything for us, Gloria and Richard, who always wanted to protect this land, its magical forest and this beautiful Tandayapa Valley, this recognition is a seal of protection FOREVER.  No hunting, no mining, and no deforestation, this is forever, under Ecuadorian law.

Our dream is that 100 years from now, indeed  200 years from now, people will be able to visit this forest and enjoy the sightings of fauna and flora, and the great sense of peace that one experiences on the trails of this mysterious and species-rich forest. In Ecuador today, the best way to ensure protection and conservation of this special place is to become part of the SNAP. As such, the protection is not just because we and the people who work with us care, it is also of importance to the environmental authorities.


Viva Bellavista!