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Geography & Location

1.- Bellavista is perched at 2200 meters ( 7200 feet) above sea level, at the top of Tandayapa Valley, 18 km (11.11 miles) southeast of Mindo town.

2.- Exact coordinates (Lodge): Latitude: 0.016252 S Longitude: 78.681230 W

3.- Travel time from Quito to Bellavista: approx 1 hour 45 minutes + - 15 minutes depending on the location of your Quito hotel. From the airport, transfer time is just as quick, sometimes quicker, with the excellent new roads recently opened. Equally, it is about one hour  from the Mitad del Mundo Equator monument.

4.- Our environment is cloud forest, both secondary and primary. Correctly speaking, we are subtropical pre-montane rain  forest.

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5.- Our private protected area (APPB) protects 400 hectares (1000 acres) in the Tandayapa Valley. We help protect a further 300 hectares in the valley.

6.- We are located in the southern part of the Choco bio-region.

7.- We have identified over 330 species of birds in the Tandayapa Valley and surrounding region, and we have countless species of trees, other plants including huge tree ferns, and epiphytes, which include orchids and giant bromeliads.

8. – Bellavista is a well-established eco-lodge, recognized as a pioneer of sustainable eco-tourism in Ecuador. 

Our two main goals are to provide comfortable lodging, tasty dining, and overall a special  visitor experience;  and to work to conserve Bellavista Private Protected Area (APPB), and support conservation efforts in our region.


1.- Dry season is from around mid June to early October 
2.- Annual rain fall averages 2410 millimeters / 95 inches
3.- Humidity averages 95% throughout the year
4.- Day temperatures during dry season: average 25C / 77F
5.- Night temperatures during dry season: average 13C / 56F
6.- Day temperatures during wet season: average 20C / 68F
7.- Night temperatures during wet season: average 11C / 52F
8.- Rainfall is present especially during the afternoons and mostly in the months from February to April when we can expect rainfall most days. The dry season can see many days with no rain. 

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Packing List

  • Quick drying pants / trousers (jeans not recommended).

  • Change of clothes and lightweight socks.

  • Sunhat and sunscreen.

  • Rain poncho (a few available if needed).

  • Camera and spare camera battery.  

  • Binoculars recommended (available for rent).

  • Water bottle for hikes.

  • Small day pack for hikes.

  • Flashlight and batteries (for night hikes if desired).

  • Plastic bags to protect camera, etc.

  • Hiking shoes / boots (as alternative  to rubber boots).

Note :

  • Rubber boots are provided – to size 47 (few pairs in large sizes)

  • Mosquito repellent is rarely needed, and there is NO malaria


With own transport / Coming from Quito, along the highway to Mitad del Mundo / Calacali / Mindo / Los Bancos:


A) At km 52, there is a turn to the left just after the bridge.  Follow this road past “El Paraiso del Pescador” and straight through the village of Tandayapa.  Climb uphill to Bellavista. Total distance from the main road 12 km.


B)  At km 62, there is a turn up to the left, which takes you along the ridge 12 km to Bellavista.  Follow the signs all the way.


C) Coming from the northwest (los Bancos, P. V. Maldonado, Mindo) at km 77, 1 km past the entrance to Mindo, take your right, there is sign for Bellavista. Travel along the tops, 14 km to Bellavista, passing the few houses and villages.


D) Birding Route: Take the old Quito - Nono - Tandayapa road that leaves the Occidental bypass road in Quito, about 0.5 km before the Condado roundabout.Pass through the top of the village of Nono, and drive eventually alongside a rushing stream.  Best for birds and views.  62 km total from Quito, dirt road.  Reaching Tandayapa, you turn left uphill for the remaining 6 km to Bellavista.


E) Public Transport: take any bus to Nanegalito from Terminal Microregional de La Ofelia in north Quito - any bus for Mindo or Los Bancos or Puerto Quito, passes through Nanegalito. In Nanegalito, ask for any pickup truck for a ride up to Bellavista. It costs about $15-$20 price for the ride, not per person.