Our Mission

Create a space for active conservation of the cloud forest, providing educational  recreation and a place of contemplation of nature for visitors of all ages from all over the world.  

Our Service

 Bellavista offers comfortable lodging, its own 700 hectare (2000 acres) private reserve, as well as tasty and varied cuisine and fine wines.

The Colombo-British owners and all who work here believe in genuinely friendly, personal service. We strive to offer the elements for your own special experience both for you and for those accompanying you. Ecotourism as it trully should be: options to explore the many trails of our own reserve with our naturalist guides, or indeed alone...!

Birding, giant tree ferns, cascading waterfalls, the enigmatic Olinguito, fantastic views of forest and plunging valleys.

Come for a few days, or, if time is truly short, for just a day trip.

Explore our forest and then expand your experience with trips to other cloud forest highlights of the Northwest: Cock-of-the-Rock, Umbrellabird, canpy zipline and more waterfallls.

A destination par excellence for your Ecuador travel experience!

Our Story

The Reserve too has grown in size and importance for the protection of the wildlife and nature that exists there, and we have watched it recuperate as formerly deforested areas of the reserve rapidly regrow. Conservation is forever, and that is our goal. The project (for that is what Bellavista is!) is central to our lives and a source of deep satisfaction. 

Everybody imagines we bought the land to build a lodge, but we didn´t,  it was to conserve the land and protect it from predatory cows. Predatory on the forest of course, which has to be cut in order to create pasture for them. Only one other person was interested in buying the first piece of land where we eventually built the lodge, and his goal was to expand the cattle hacienda he owned up the road. So we were in the right place at the right time, almost as if it was our destiny to protect this land. 

The wonderful thing is that we can be creative in design for the living areas of the lodge ( for visitors, resident employees and ourselves) and can feel the joy of exploration as we and friends make trails into the forest, down to hidden waterfalls, discovering the profusion of life that is here. Creativity and conservation drive Bellavista, and drive our lives as well !

Contact Us

Office: +593  2 223 2313   /   +593 2 290 3166    Lodge Tandayapa: +593 2 3613 447 or +593 2 361 3431 
Office address: Jorge Washington E7-25 y 6 de Diciembre       
Mobile: +593 9 9416 5868