We are the first private ecological reserve in Ecuador to be included in the National System of Protected Areas (SNAP)

Since June 26, 2019, 347 hectares of Bellavista Reserve were registered as a part of Ecuador´s SNAP (National System of Protected Areas), as the first private reserve in the “subsystem of private protected areas” to be protected in this way.  


This recognition is the culmination of a long process of necessary legal procedures, with strong support from the Ministry of the Environment itself. But more than anything for us, Gloria and Richard, who always wanted to protect this land, its magical forest and this beautiful Tandayapa Valley, this recognition is a seal of protection FOREVER. 


No hunting, no mining, and no deforestation, this is forever, under Ecuadorian law


What does it mean to own the Bellavista APP?

Like any protected area at the national level, the challenges are great in trying to conserve this natural heritage without the support of any public, private or NGO organization, so the financial tool we have used to support the Bellavista APP is ecotourism and the funds from the tourists who visit us and help us protect this earthly paradise.

During these years we have been supported by university research on the flora and fauna of this area of subtropical mountain forest, or cloud forest.

The fruits of these investigations are the discoveries of many new species to science, including 70 new species of Noctuidae butterflies, the first nest of the Tanager Chaffinch, and much more.


Before Covid's time, APP Bellavista worked (through Lodge staff) with several national and international universities on individual research projects and on practical courses for university ecology students.

We have projects to create a scientific research and training station, employ full-time park rangers; we also work constantly to maintain the APPB as a special area for relaxation and informal experiential education studies.

Due to the current health emergency, the APPB has received a hard blow, as there is pending work and projects worth continuing, but...

"We are not receiving ANY funds".

We would give our lives for our Bellavista PPP and the Tandayapa Valley, so that it is not deforested or destroyed, but it is impossible to do our work alone, especially when the tourism that was our source of financing has practically died.


At this moment we have no alternative but to look beyond and ask in the most measured way for your support towards conservation, towards research, towards the preservation of the cloud forest through YOUR DONATION.

With your donation we can continue research and sustainable production projects in this core area of the Choco-Andean Biosphere Reserve of Pichincha.

"Thank you, for your contribution".