Tawny-bellied Hermit Collared Inca
Green Violetear Buff-tailed Coronet
Sparkling Violetear Gorgeted Sunangel
Andean Emerald Purple-bibbed Whitetip
Speckled Hummingbird Booted Racket-tail
Fawn-breasted Brilliant Violet-tailed Sylph
Brown Inca Purple-throated Woodstar
Black Vulture Yellow-bellied Chat-Tyrant
Turkey Vulture Golden-crowned Flycatcher
Plain-breasted Hawk Blue and White Swallow
Roadside Hawk Plain-tailed Wren
Sickle-winged Guan Grey-breasted Wood-Wren
Band-tailed Pigeon Great Thrush
Plumbeous Pigeon Purple-throated Woodstar
Red-billed Parrot Turquoise Jay
Squirrel Cuckoo Blackburnian Warbler
Common Potoo Spectacled Whitestart
Band-winged Nightjar Slate-throated Whitestart
White-collared Swift Russet-crowned Warbler
Masked Trogon Grass-green Tanager
Toucan Barbet Dusky Bush-Tanager
Plate-billed Mountain-Toucan Rufous-chested Tanager
Crimson-mantled Woodpecker Blue-winged Mountain-Tanager
Powerful Woodpecker Thick-billed Euphonia
Strong-billed Woodcreeper Orange-bellied Euphonia
Montane Woodcreeper Golden Tanager
Azara's Spinetail Flame-faced Tanager
Red-faced Spinetail Beryl-spangled Tanager
Streaked Tuftedcheek Blue-and-black Tanager
Chestnut-crowned Antpitta Rufous-collared Sparrow
Spillmann's Tapaculo Chestnut-capped Brush-Finch
Green and black Fruiteater White-winged Brush-Finch
Streak-necked Flycatcher White-sided Flowerpiercer
White-tailed Tyrannulet Masked Flowerpiercer
Cinnamon Flycatcher Yellow Grosbeak
Smoke-coloured Pewee
Rufescent Screech-Owl White-faced Nunbird
Cloud Forest Pygmy-Owl Giant Antpitta
Swallow-tailed Nightjar Ocellated Tapaculo
Green-fronted Lancebill Andean Cock-of-the-Rock
Crested Quetzal Plushcap
Golden-headed Quetzal Tanager Finch
Beautiful Jay